1.85m UV roll to roll printer,i3200,AJ-1902iUV

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1.85m UV roll to roll printer, two Epson i3200 heads
Classic design, Advanced structure, More reliable

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Product Features:

1. Excellent industrial printer design, and stable printing quality.

2. Famous high resolution and a quite linear guide, high speed, and high precision printing quality.

3. Industrial circuitry design, secure, stable, and reliable.

4. Advanced anti-crash designs keep it working longly and stably.

5. Environment-friendly UV ink, more beautiful color, and long lifetime.

6. Customized good quality LED lamps, suitable for more types of printing materials.


Specification of AJ-1902iUV

AJ-1902iUV, UV printer
Item No. Item Name Content
1 Printer Design Brand New Design, more stable
2 Print head Two Epson i3200, CMYK+W or CMYK+CMYK
3 Maximum Print Width 1850 mm
4 Printing Resolution/ Speed 4 pass/ 12m²/h
6 pass/ 9m²/h
8 pass/ 7m²/h
5 Ink Armyjet customized UV ink
6 Features USB 2.0, Photoprint, Anti-crash setting, Media lack alarm, Pre/mid/Rear heater
7 Ink Capacity 1 L(one color)
8 Media Thickness Range 1.5mm-8mm
9 Maximum Roll Weight 150 KG
10 Dimensions of Package L2990mm*W720mm*H750mm=1.61CBM
11 Gross Weight 300 KG

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