China’s No.2 Eco-solvent ink supplier, beautiful color

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China’s No.2 Eco-solvent ink supplier for 9+ years

Focus more on technology and real printing

Eco solvent ink for  DX5/DX7/i3200/XP600 heads

Stable and smooth printing experience, beautiful color

Low smell, better working space

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Features of Eco-solvent ink

1. Good quality Eco solvent ink or Eco-friendly printer ink at a good price.

2. Well-proved in the digital inkjet market for more than 10 years, good choice of. eco solvent ink for inkjet printers.

3. More than 15000 customers used Armyjet ink for more than 10 years.

4. Customers in more than 50 countries. Suitable for most Chinese-made inkjet printers(Eco solvent printer).

5. Sent by sea, by air, and by FedEx or DHL. It’s up to you.

6. Bigger order,  bigger discount.

7. Outdoor ink. 1-3 years. Many customers use it to print for Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Apple, etc.

Two Types of Eco solvent ink for Epson printheads

Type A: Smooth printing, good color, good concentration

Type A pro: Smoother printing, sharper color, heavy concentration

Note: Suitable for eco-solvent ink printers made in China.


Some questions about eco-solvent ink

1. Is there eco solvent water based ink? No.  Oil and water are very different things. The answer is no.

2. What is Epson eco-solvent ink? Usually, it means eco solvent ink for Mimaki or Roland, etc.

3. How long can your eco solvent ink last outside? 1-3 years.

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Questions about Eco-solvent ink

Can I use eco-solvent ink in my inkjet printer? It’s up to the head you use on your printer.

Is there eco-solvent sublimation ink? Yes. Very few. Normally, when we talk about eco-solvent ink or sublimation ink, sublimation is water base.

How long does eco-solvent ink last? Usually 1-3 years.

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