No.2 DTF ink supplier: more stable and better color, the first choice for wholesal

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No.2 DTF ink supplier in China. Customized ink for a DTF printer with Epson i3200/4720, Xp600

We sold more than 3,000,000 L DTF ink each month. Achieve a good reputation in the market

Especially good for our classic DTF Printer model AJ-6002iT and AJ-3002iT

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1. High-quality raw material, unique recipe, good printing colors, never blocking head

2. Long-time and continuously smooth printing, don't damage the head

3. Professional color calibration, excellent color saturation, and deoxidization

4. Suitable for all DTF printers made in China

5. Big order with big discount, a good DTF ink price

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Two Types of DTF ink for Epson printheads

Type A: Smooth printing, good color; Pure White, and good concentration,

Type A pro: Smoother printing, sharper color, Pure White, and heavy concentration.

white dtf ink has also two types.

Note: It’s not compatible with kodak dtf ink.

Suitable for DTF ink printer made in China.

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